The Fertile Mind: fertility from the inside out

Are you losing hope?

November 30, 2020

This fertility journey can feel so hopeless. Surely having hope that you are going to have the baby you want so much is a good thing? Or is it?

On our fertility journey I was longing for us to have the baby we craved so much. However, that hope, that longing was driven by fear.

What if hope wasn’t actually useful?

How do you stay strong and keep going without hope? What do you do instead?

In this episode we explore how hope may actually be impacting your fertility journey and what is better than having hope. Something that may fast-track your journey to success.

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I help women and couples remove psychological blocks to getting pregnant. Based on my and my wife’s 10 year fertility journey and the work of my clients I believe too many couples have IVF unnecessarily and that the success rate of IVF is unnecessarily low. We can see how much our mind and emotions played a part in our fertility journey and when we found a place of peace without giving up that’s when the magic happened - we conceived naturally against all odds. I help me clients do the same - remove psychological blocks to getting pregnant naturally or getting the successful IVF outcome they so want. 
When I ask women what having a baby will give them they usually say a sense of completeness, love and purpose. It’s our fear of not having these things, a fear of not being enough, worthy that tends to be behind our fear of not having a baby. These limiting beliefs have usually been around since an early age and infertility shines a spotlight on them. Many of my clients have strived for success in their life whether career or other things. That approach doesn’t work for fertility. In fact it puts tension in the body which decreases their chances of success.
The podcast is short does of insight, giving women and couples new perspectives that allows them to see their fertility from the ‘inside-out’. To see help them let go of their insecure thoughts and feelings and connect to their innate wellbeing that knows they are enough and OK whatever happens. This moves having a baby from being a ’need’ to to a desire. It takes the pressure of the process and their mind and body relax into it’s natural flow state. Stress can impact the delicate balance of hormones required for a successful pregnancy.

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